We do not need to tell you that the whole World is going through very difficult and un-precedented times.

 The UK Healthcare System is going to remain under massive pressure over the coming months.

 One of the big issues that is challenging the Government and our Health Services is that, while huge focus will be on looking after the small percentage who will develop serious disease from Covid-19, other people will still get the normal problems and illnesses of life.

And of course, this includes back and spinal problems, which in the current environment may seem unimportant to many, but will significantly pain & disable some people over this time causing additional anxiety and stress.

For the time being therefore, Sussex Spine Solutions remains open and available to help.

Obviously, we place a huge degree of importance on looking after the health of our patients, our own staff and the staff of the hospitals we work in. And, clearly, in these times we will have to modify & regularly update our practices according to the situation & Government guidelines.

Remote consultations have now been accepted by all medical insurers and these can take place vie telephone or video. Access to outpatient clinics can now be offered and although this is limited we will endeavour to offer you a face to face appointment whenever possible if requested. 

Patients consulting Mr Cass via remote (telephone or video) link must understand that no physical examination will be possible.

There will be no immediate access to imaging / investigations (except in specific circumstances) as the hospitals are still under management of NHS England so there is likely to be a longer than usual wait for these. As a result of these limitations Mr Cass may not be able to confirm a suspected diagnosis or recommend any treatment in some cases. 

Mr Cass will be able to discuss any concerns with the patient at the time of the remote consultation and whether further investigation such as imaging or a face-to-face review are warranted urgently, so that the patient can make an informed decision about whether it would be safer to defer a face-to-face consultation until such time as the risks relating to Covid-19 reach an acceptable level for the patient.  Mr Cass will also ask the patient during the remote consultation about whether they or anyone they have been in contact with has displayed Covid-19 symptoms, to help him plan for any necessary face-to-face consultations appropriately.”

Currently we are now able to offer surgical intervention again where indicated and this will be prioritised and listed accordingly.

For New Private/Self-Funding Patients

Please contact us via email or phone to make an appointment. Contact Us

Most spinal conditions do not require surgery, just correct diagnosis, advice and treatment.

Finally & most importantly, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you & your families  well for the coming months and encourage you to stay positive, be kind to yourselves  and support one another.

Sussex Spine Solutions

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