Vertebral Fracture

Vertebral Fracture may occur due to severe trauma such as a fall or car crash, but may also occur with little or no trauma in bone which is weakened by osteoporosis or more rarely by conditions such as a tumour.

More sinister causes of back pain include unremitting pain including when lying down or at night; associated unexpected weight loss;  generally feeling 'unwell'; weakness in the limbs; any bladder or bowel problems (such as incontinence, retention or genital area numbness); and any previous history of cancer. If you have any of these symptoms you should seek prompt medical advice.

Osteoporotic fractures can be a major cause of pain, deformity of the spine (a progressive stoop forwards may be evident) and this can lead to a loss of   mobility & independence.

Many fractures heal as any bone would but if there is an underlying issue the healing may be delayed or not happen at all. Mr Cass can assess your individual case and give advice and reassurance when possible or discuss interventional treatments where necessary.

If you have been diagnosed with a vertebral fracture that does not seem to be improving or if you are concerned you may have a fracture, then please contact us on 01273 828098 to arrange a Consultation.

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