Please read our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have any additional questions please do contact us on 01273 828098 or info@sussexspinesolutions.co.uk

Will I need medical insurance to be treated?

You don’t need medical insurance to see Mr Cass: You can self-fund any consultations and treatment yourself.

The hospital can give advice on specially designed medical treatment loan schemes. Please ask for details.

Mr Cass can also see patients under the NHS E-Referral scheme, previously known as Choose & Book. This must be arranged via your GP and MSK service. Mr Cass now only sees NHS patients at The Montefiore Hospital.

Which insurers do you have agreements with?

Mr Cass has agreements with all of the major insurance groups, including BUPA, AXA, WPA, Aviva, Vitality, Benenden etc.

Will my insurance cover all of my fees & expenses?

This depends on your individual policy (or level of cover with work policies), and varies policy to policy. Some policies may only cover part of your treatment, and in these cases it is your responsibility to cover the excess or shortfall. All costs of out patient appointments, investigations & treatments will be made available to you prior to undergoing them. If you have any concerns you should speak with your Insurance Company 

Do I need a referral from my GP?

The information that your GP has about your medical history will often be very useful for Mr Cass to know and a referral is particularly important if you have medical insurance, as often a referral is essential for your insurance cover. Some policies allow a referral from an allied healthcare professional or Consultant. If you are unsure, check with your Insurer first.

If you are self-funding a referral is not necessary, but is preferable.


How soon can I be seen?

Private appointments for a consultation can usually be arranged within 2 weeks. However we do strive to be responsive and flexible and will always do our best to expedite urgent referrals.

How much will my treatment cost if I am self-funding?

The cost of a consultation appointment does vary depending on whether or not is a first time appointment, a follow up or a second opinion. An initial appointment will cost between £290-£300 and follow up's will be £160-£180.

All Mr Cass’s treatments and procedures are costed dependent on the complexity of the surgery or treatment.

For patients who are self funding surgery, in order to give you peace of mind and to avoid worries about spiralling costs, the hospital operates a 'fixed fee for everything'  scheme . The hospital will provide a formal quote ahead of any treatment.

What can I expect on my first visit?

During your first consultation with Mr Cass you can expect him to ask some questions about your current condition and any other relevant previous medical history. He will also ask about your day to day activities and how your current condition is affecting you. He will also need to know about any medication that you are taking. It is a good idea to take a list of any medicines you are taking to the appointment.

It is very likely that Mr Cass will need to assess you with a physical examination, though that is not always the case if he feels that it may aggravate your symptoms.

He will then explain in detail what he feels are the best options for you and may suggest sending you for further investigations, such as an MRI scan, if appropriate.


Should I bring in any old notes or imaging?

If you have any records or imaging (x-rays or MRI's for example) of your spine from previous times, please always try & share these with us in advance or bring them in with you, as they can be very useful. If you are at all unsure, or especially if you are undergoing treatment elsewhere, please speak to Mr Cass's admin team and ask their advice. We do NOT have any access to your wider medical records or imaging so if you have a history with your spine then you will need to provide us with all the details of previous investigations and treatment.

Is it OK to bring a relative or friend to my Consultation?

Absolutely! You are welcome to bring someone along with you to this and any future appointment.

We understand that you may be nervous, and that someone at your side may help. However because of the availability of space we'd usually ask that you restrict accompanies to one or two.

I'm very nervous about anything being done to my back. Would Mr Cass be upset if I asked for a second opinion?

Certainly not! Mr Cass feels second opinions are often very beneficial in helping a patient make what is, undoubtedly, a major decision. In many cases he may suggest a review himself. In these circumstances he would be happy to suggest several colleagues in the South East or London. Or you are at liberty to find someone yourself of course.

Florence & her team will always facilitate this by forwarding documents, imaging and investigation results to the second expert.

Similarly Mr Cass is happy to provide a second opinion on any spinal issue. He regularly sees patients from the SE, London, the wider UK & abroad to this effect. 


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