We aim to be with you every step of the way. The exact rehabilitation plan after surgery differs from patient to patient, and is individually tailored to suit your needs.

Mr Cass & the hospital physiotherapist will speak to you before leaving hospital and give you an outline plan. This will guide you through the immediate post-operative period, when it is a balance between recovering from your operation or procedure and getting your rehabilitation gently started .

Typically, your formal physiotherapy & rehabilitation will begin after your initial follow up appointment with Mr Cass, which is usually around the 2 week mark. Any dressings would be removed and your wound checked at this appointment too.

If you have any problems or questions relating to your surgery outside of your planned follow up schedule, do try & contact us first. This should be via Mr Cass's practice staff, or via the hospital where you had your procedure. Whilst there will be occasions when Mr Cass is not immediately contactable, they will endeavour to deal with your problem or get a message through to Mr Cass. If you are very concerned or feel the matter is urgent and cannot contact us, then your GP, NHS direct or your local A&E department should be contacted.

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