Provocative Discography

A discography is a special functional X ray examination that is used to help either confirm or disprove that the pain you are experiencing is related to a specific disc or discs in your lumbar spine.

Whilst an MRI or CT can give a detailed image of your anatomy they cannot be taken as proof of the cause of pain in some instances.

Having a discography allows Mr Cass to identify any painful discs and therefore plan the correct treatment and helps avoid performing any surgery that would not be beneficial.

A provocative discography is usually done as a day case under a light sedation. 

A small injection of local anaesthetic is given to numb the area concerned and X ray guidance is used to direct the needle into the disc where a contrast dye is injected. This extra fluid increases the pressure in the disc and may reproduce the symptoms that you have had. Using this information Mr Cass can diagnose the specific disc condition and plan with you the best treatment options to reduce your pain levels.

 You will also be given some antibiotics as a preventative measure against any possible infection risks .You will be returned to the day ward where you will be monitored and then discharged home later that day. However we do not recommend that you drive or return to work until the following day.

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